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Compact cutting system / 1000 Series

For precise plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

The guiding machine ZINSER 1225 is ideal for combined oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. It unites the required speed for plasma cutting with the ruggedness of an oxy-fuel cutting machine. This combination of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting covers most of your daily cutting jobs and ensures a high flexibility in solving your cutting tasks.

In the version with oxy-fuel and plasma torches, our compact cutting system ZINSER 1225 covers a wide range of daily flame cutting tasks. This means great flexibility for your production.

Your possibilities with the ZINSER 1225

The flexible cutting system for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

Specifications - ZINSER compact cutting system

 ZINSER 1225 ZINSER 1226
Track width (C): 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 mm * 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 mm *
Working width (A) with 1 torch: (C) – 300 mm (C) – 300 mm
Working width (A) with 2 torches: (C) – 500 mm(C) – 500 mm
Machine width (D) (C) + 315 mm + power track (C) + 315 mm + power track + cantilever
Machine length (E) (B) + ~ 1000 mm (B) + ~ 1000 mm
Max. number of torch carriers 22
Longitudinal drive double-sided AC servodrive double-sided AC servodrive
Cross driveAC servo drive AC servo drive
Input voltage3 x 400 V AC / 50 Hz 3 x 400 V AC / 50 Hz
Cantilever (F) /1000 mm


  • High precision bridge, ground according to the most modern standards
  • Double-sided linear guides for torch / tool carriers

Track / Y-drive

  • Double-sided AC servodrive 3 x 400V
  • Perfect running smoothness by linear guides on both sides
  • High angle accuracy by the use of selected helical geared drive racks and precise planetary gears
  • Hardened drive pinions

Drive carriage / X-drive

  • AC-servo drive via rack and pinion 3 x 400 V
  • Slave torch carriages coupled via CrNi steel rope

Further options

  • Up to two oxy-fuel tools
  • Marking units
  • SPS-controlled dust absorption tables
  • Cartridge filter systems with pneumatic cleaning
  • Software ZINSER MCC for nesting plans, external programming, remnant management etc.
  • Network connection
  • Adaptation to customer’s requirements possible anytime


  • Piercing unit with fast pre-heating via proportional valves including central gas control
  • Electrical ignition unit
  • Automatic torch height control
  • Single torch addressing
  • Automatic torch positioning for multitorch operation


  • CNC controlled data communication to plasma power source with automatic gas console; thus cutting data are sent directly from the CNC controller to the plasma system (database)
  • Arc voltage height control with data connection and automatic communication

Photos & videos

ZINSER 1225 (compact cutting system) : marking and plasma cutting


compact cutting system: Brochure

Brochure ZINSER 1225

Compact cutting machine