ZINSER 1304 / 1306 – Solve your cutting task with the optimal ZINSER product

Universal pipe cutting machines for oxy-fuel or plasma cutting plus drilling for cylindrical and multi-sided pipes

The ZINSER cutting machines 1304 and 1306 have been particularly developed for efficient machining of pipes.

The ZINSER 1304 is designed for cutting cylindrical pipes, the ZINSER 1306 for cutting cylindrical and multi-sided pipes.

Your advantages with the ZINSER 1304 / 1306 pipe cutting machines

Apertures, notches and the entire end preparation can be realized quickly and economically.
A variety of standard figures is available from the ZINSER MCC software.
With the new generation of ZINSER machines you will get excellent results at reduced piece costs.
We will build the ideal machine to cope with your requirements by choosing the right components and upgrades from the wide ZINSER product range.

Technical Data

Pipe diameter:
50 – 500 mm
Cutting (working) length:
Basic length: 1000 mm, extensions in steps of 1000 mm
1 torch with height adjustment; oxy-fuel / plasma / drilling
Pipe support system consisting of a guide track and height adjustable dollies

Basic equipment and options

Basic scope of delivery

  • Pipe cutting machine with track (X), rotation axis (A) and for the ZINSER 1306 with additional cantilever (Y)
  • Three-jaw chuck or four-jaw chuck
  • A hollow shaft through the chuck enables the use of an internal ventilation
  • CNC controller
  • Oxy-fuel cutting unit or plasma power source with dialogue system


Options / extra attachment

  • Pneumatic jaw chuck
  • Drilling unit
  • Start and stop of the drilling cycle in automatic mode via the CNC control
  • Feed rate and depth stop are regulated by an adjustable hydraulic damper
  • Extraction systems and filter unit




Brochure ZINSER 1304 / 1306