ZINSER 2425 / 2426 – The flexible machine for highest standards

Gantry machines for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

With the development of this new generation of cutting machines, the already high standard of the forerunners could be increased further. The use of an extended cross-drive significantly increases the rigidity of the ZINSER 2425 / 2426.

Excellent and powerful digitally controlled AC-drive systems with high precision planetary gears as well as selected racks give the excellent motion characteristics, even at higher speeds and shift in direction. The result of all these features is an outstanding quality of cut.

Your possibilities with the ZINSER 2425 / 2426

Technical Data

Technical Data ZINSER 2425 / ZINSER 2426

Track width (B): 2100 / 2600 / 3100 / 3600 / 3850 / 4100 mm
 Machine width (A): ZINSER 2425: (B) + 850 mm
ZINSER 2426: (B) + 2200 mm
Working width: (B) -600 mm (with 3 torches)
Machine lengt (C): (D) + 2000 mm
Torch carriers: max. 4
Cutting thickness: up to 200 mm (standard)
Drives: AC-servo motors / planetary gears
Input voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz


Cantilever extension (E) of ZINSER 2426: 1500 mm


Technical Data DT-500 Rotary drive
Rotary axis with digitally controlled AC-servo motor

Pipe diameter: (33) 50 – 500 mm (610 mm)
Max. pipe weight: 850 kg
Input voltage: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Basic equipment and additional components

The ZINSER 2425 is available in track widths up to 4100 mm, and up to 4 torch carriers can be combined with the machine. The machine has double-sided drives.

The basic construction of the ZINSER 2426 is identical with the ZINSER 2425, but the ZINSER 2426 comes with a longer gantry bridge and the rotary drive DT-500 for pipe cutting.


Basic scope of delivery:

  • On board CNC-controller (floor mounted type upon request)
  • Machine cutting torch for up to 300 mm material thickness
  • Idle speed up to 15000 mm / min


Additional components

  • Automatic piercing unit with fast preheat function via proportional valves
  • Including central gas control
  • Automatic ignition unit
  • Motorized torch height control and capacitive height control
  • Additional machine cutting torches
  • Plasma power sources
  • Plasma interlock and dialogue system
  • Drilling unit
  • Drawing unit
  • Marking unit
  • Punching unit
  • Water spray unit


3D bevel cutting of pipes


Brochure ZINSER 2425 / 2426