The company ZINSER is renowned around the world for its high quality and customized products “made in Germany”. ZINSER combines tradition with innovation and realises the needs of its customers. Our reputation as a world wide known company is based on our expertise in the field of flame cutting, and plasma cutting systems.

ZINSER 4125B: Tool changer

ZINSER tool changer

Laser cutting with the ZINSER Fiber Laser

The ZINSER 1225 / 1825-S Fiber Laser is a high-quality guiding machine for laser and plasma cutting and for combined cutting tasks. The portal machine unites the required speed and precision for laser and plasma cutting with the robustness and longevity of an industrial machine.

3D plasma bevel cutting of pipes

Marking and plasma cutting on a ZINSER 1225

This Video shows the marking and plasma cutting on a ZINSER 1225. We are cutting a 6 mm thick steel plate with 60 ampere and 2700 mm / min.

ZINSER 4125B: Drilling with Ø 18, 250 mm plate

With the ZINSER 4125B customers can not only achieve excellent plasma and oxy-fuel cuts. Drilling, threading and countersinking operations are also no problem with the ZINSER CNC drilling unit. This video shows the drilling of a hole with a diameter of 18 mm through a 250 mm thick steel plate with a cutting speed of 35 m/mm.

Drilling 40 mm on a ZINSER 4125B