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CNC drilling

CNC controlled drilling unit

CNC drilling up to Ø 40 mm.

Increase the efficiency of your production processes by combining different production steps on one machine. The ZINSER CNC drilling unit with automatic tool changer allows highly precise drilling operations with different diameters on your flame cutting machine.

Technologies: CNC-drilling and milling

CNC drilling unit MAX 40R / UA40-480 with holder SK 40/ISO40S

Technical data

(depending on the drilling task)

CNC drilling: videos

CNC drilling Ø18 mm, 250 mm plate

With the ZINSER 4125B customers can not only achieve excellent plasma and oxy-fuel cuts. Drilling, threading and countersinking operations are also no problem with the ZINSER CNC drilling unit. This video shows the drilling of a hole with a diameter of 18 mm through a 250 mm thick steel plate with a cutting speed of 35 m/mm.

Pre-drilling, countersinking 45°

Pre-drilling and afterwards countersinking 45° on a ZINSER 4125B. Material: HARDOX® 450

40 mm blind hole / 18 mm through hole

Drilling of a 40 mm blind hole and afterwards in the middle a 18 mm through hole on a ZINSER 4125B. Material: HARDOX® 450

CNC drilling 40 mm

Drilling 40 mm on a ZINSER 4125B

Tool changer

The tool changer of ZINSER cutting machines has multiple tool positions and can be loaded with drilling, countersinking or threading tools. The ZINSER CNC drilling unit can thus be loaded fully automatically through the CNC controller.

This fully automatic integration of different manufacturing processes significantly increases your workpiece quality and production efficiency.

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