Pipe cutting

Cutting steel pipes with a CNC machine

CNC pipe cutting machine

The ZINSER 1304/1306 machine has been specially developed for cutting tubes. It supports plasma and flame cutting technologies, as well as drilling. The 1304 version is suitable for machining cylindrical tubes, while the 1306 version can cut all types of tubes (cylindrical, square, polygonal).

The various tube cutting tasks can be carried out efficiently and economically with our machines: drilling, recesses and machining. ZINSER MCC software integrates a large number of standard shapes and facilitates your cutting job. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional components, upgrade options, which allows us to deliver a tube machining machine to you perfectly suited to your business.

CNC machines for cutting pipes AND steel plates on one system

Our CNC cutting machines for steel plates can be equipped with a cantilever for machining tubes, and thus give great flexibility to your production.

ZINSER 2426, economic CNC cutting machines

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Mobile technology for cutting steel tubes

ZINSER has developed a range of products for simultaneous cutting and chamfering of steel tubes. Lightweight, easy to use and robust, RSV chamfering machines are particularly suitable for use on site.

Their quick clamping device allows them to be fixed at any position on the tube or pipe, and they can also be mounted on endless tubes. The operator does not have to change the working position during the tube cutting process. The cutting torch swivels + or – 45 °. It is adjustable in height and laterally. As an option, an electric drive with speed control can be supplied.

Find out more: ZINSER RSV

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