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Bevel cutting

Bevel cutting with ZINSER

Bevel cutting means, that the cutting edge within the to-be-cut material is not forming a right angle with the material surface.

Cutting technology: bevel cutting

What is bevel cutting

Bevel cutting means, that the cutting edge within the to-be-cut material is not forming a right angle with the material surface.

Most common use for this cutting technique is the welding preparation, either to increase the welding seam surface, or to allow forming a(n) (right) angle between two to-be-welded pieces.

Depending on the form of the cutting edge when viewed from the side, bevel cuts are named by the latin character they resemble most, such as „V“, „A“, „X“, „Y“, and „K“.

This is how it works:

  • For plasma bevel cutting, ZINSER offers its inhouse-developed, innovative bevel unit, which allows continuously adjustable cutting angles between 0 and 50 degrees, CNC-controlled.
  • For oxy-fuel bevel cutting, ZINSER offers its triple torch unit, which also allows continuously adjustable cutting angles between 0 and 45 degrees.

Learn more: choosing a cutting process
Every cutting process has particular benefits and shortcomings that you should take into account before deciding on a cutting method. Also keep in mind that a combination of processes may be best for a particular application.

ZINSER bevel head

The automatically rotating one-torch bevel cutting head Bevel 2014 allows plasma bevel cuts of contours, too. It is fully programmable thus enabling the cutting of parts with bevels as well as vertical cutting edges.

  • The unit is driven by high-quality AC servomotors in three directions: inclination, rotation, height
  • Automatic initial height adjustment via direct contact with nozzles
  • Y- / V-welding preparation (not for pipes), Pipe: I-cut
Technical data
  • Pivoting range: 0° to ± 50°
  • Vertical lift: 350 mm
  • Control via CNC
  • Plasma leads assembly with all supply conducts
  • Collision protection for plasma torch
ZINSER bevel unit (plasma cutting)

After the installation of the bevel head and first practical experience, we recommend an advanced ZINSER expert training on site with the objective to increase the efficiency by exchange of experiences with our experts.


Plasma bevel cutting without loop on a ZINSER 4025

The bevel unit can cut even work pieces with complex bevels without problems at excellent results.

Oxy-fuel, plasma bevel cutting and drilling

ZINSER 3D plasma bevel cutting of pipes

CNC systems with bevel unit

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