Oxy-fuel Technology

Pioneer in oxy-fuel technology

For more than 100 years ZINSER has been exploring the use of acetylene and other gases.

Pressure regulators for cylinders, pressure regulators for distribution points, welding and cutting torches as well as complete sets from ZINSER are a worldwide synonym for quality.

ZINSER Made in Germany

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ZINSER has been one of the pioneers of cutting and welding technology since 1898, and its name has been synonymous with “made in Germany” quality for over 120 years. Reliable and durable ZINSER products at the Albershausen site are manufactured with all our experience and great care. With a wide range of products, ZINSER offers a solution for almost any application.

Developer and producer, focused on teamwork, ZINSER is a leader in oxy-fuel technology and our products are distributed worldwide. The satisfaction of our customers is always at the heart of our priorities.