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Oxy-fuel cutting machines

Oxy-fuel cutting with ZINSER machines

A flame-cutting machine, or oxy-fuel cutting machine, is generally used to cut non-alloy steels (structural steel). The cutting torch preheats the material to its ignition temperature using propane, acetylene or highly combustible natural gas. Then, a jet of oxygen is then blown to melt the material which is thus cut.
With an oxy-fuel cutting machine, you have a relatively quick, easy and inexpensive way to cut steel. It is suitable for sheet thicknesses ranging from 3 to 1200 mm. Autogenous cutting is the preferred process if you are looking for an economical option for cutting thick plates, and productivity is not a priority.

ZINSER expertise for your flame cutting machine

A pioneer in autogenous welding, ZINSER has provided cost-effective solutions for the use of acetylene and other gases for over 120 years. Our CNC flame-cutting machines are known worldwide for their reliability, their cutting quality and their robustness “Made in Germany”.

As a company focused on innovation, ZINSER is constantly evolving to offer its customers individualized cutting solutions. We thus offer combined flame-cutting and plasma machines available in 3 ranges (compact, economical, premium) as well as many options for our autogenous cutting machines: bevel cutting with triple torch, drilling, marking, tube cutting, etc.

On site oxy-fuel cutting

Finally, discover our portable solutions for oxy-fuel cutting and take flame-cutting technology to your work sites:

To find out more, consult the page of our site dedicated to flame cutting technology. As for our cutting systems, they are presented here: CNC cutting machines. And for a personalized study of your needs, contact us!