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Environmental technology

Cutting tables, dust extraction, filtration units from your cutting expert

Dust exhaustion and filtration units

ZINSER offers professional dust filtration units that have been specifically engineered for applications like plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting. The extraction systems and filters from ZINSER offer the highest standard in performance, efficiency and productivity and set new benchmarks regarding filtration performance.
The filtration units are available in different sizes.

Your advantages

  • “Plug and Go” unit
  • Closed housing (complete system)
  • Quiet operation
  • High-performance, oval-shaped cartridge filters
  • Efficient filter media
  • Increased cleaning efficiency
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance with quick-access filters
  • Energy cost saving due to low energy requirements
  • Tailored to your requirements


The filter systems from ZINSER can be tailored entirely to your requirements. Dust collection bins are available in different sizes according to your requirements. Of course, you can also get the filter systems in explosion-proof design.

ZINSER cutting tables

Systematic air purification

The high cutting pressures during plasma and oxy-fuel cutting often cause dust, sparks and fumes to swirled up and rise again. The resulting contamination causes high maintenance costs and leads to a faster wear and tear. Furthermore, especially the emissions from plasma cutting are very harmful to health. Therefore a conventional dust extraction from the bottom or from the side would not be sufficient.

The ZINSER cutting tables provide the perfect solution for this problem. The high cutting pressures form a type of cyclone within the cutting table, causing coarse particles and sparks to settle at the bottom of the dust boxes while the finer particles rise to the top of the table where they are captured by the integrated surface dust extraction and guided to the connected filter unit.

ZINTRAC oscillating conveyor table

Highest level of productivity and automation

ZINSER‘s oscillating conveyor tables ZINTRAC offer an intelligent transportation solution for all kinds of thermal cutting processes in combination with a highly efficient exhaustion system. The long-lasting ZINTRAC-system continuously transports the slag and scrap produced during the cutting process out of the cutting table and conveys them into provided collection containers.

The operating principle of the ZINTRAC oscillating conveyor table is as simple as it is effective: The slag and small parts produced during the cutting process fall onto vibration chutes at the bottom of the table and are transported out of the table by means of constant vibrations.

In the past: manual cleaning of a conventional cutting table
[:de] Rückansicht eines ZINtrac Schwingfördertisches. Die während des Plasma- oder Autogen-Schneidbetriebs entstehenden Brennrückstände und Schneidschlacken werden durch die vibrierenden Förderrinnen aus dem Tischsystem und in bereitgestellte Auffangbehälter transportiert. [:en] Rear view of a ZINtrac cutting table with oscillating conveyor. Slag and scrap formed during the plasma or oxy-fuel cutting process are removed from the cutting table via vibration chutes and transferred into the provided collection containers.
Today: ZINTRAC with automated slag disposal


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