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ZINSER Hot Air Welding Devices

Wherever professionals use hot air, the hot air devices and welding machines from ZINSER are brought into play. Reliability and high performance and a wide range of accessories assure perfect handling and efficient working. Technical know-how for the construction of hot air devices and detailed knowledge of the industry are the basis for innovative and future-oriented developments.

ZINSER Made in Germany

ZINSER Unitherm / Jumbotherm

Universal hot air welding device with integrated blower.

JUMBOTHERM K25.16 / K25.30
Electrical hot air welding device with integrated blower.

Electrical hot air welding device for external air supply (e.g. side channel compressor).

For welding, preheating, shaping and shrinking of thermoplastic materials, heating, drying etc.

Universal electric hot air device with integrated blower. For stripping of lacquers and paint, solving bonding agents and for preheating.

Floor welding machine

ZINSER floor welding machine K58

For floors made of PVC, linoleum and rubber

  • Driving carriage with electronic advance regulation
  • Automatic swivel device
  • Stepped coil holder
  • Hot air welding device JUMBOTHERM with multiple nozzle

For the stationary use: ZINSER MK-devices

Heißluftgeräte zum Einbau für externe Luftversorgung.

For fixing at and in machines, shrink packaging machines, drying lines and others.

Mounting unit for external air supply and connection to compressed air or blower (side channel compressor).


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Hot air devices catalog

ZINSER hot air devices catalog German

Hot air devices: accessories

Transport box, side channel compressor, hand welding devices, tempereature measuring device, nozzles…

ZINSER hot air: spare parts and user manual

Are you looking for a spare part for your ZINSER hot air welding device? You can find the list of parts in our Downloads section.

On this page you can easily download the operating instructions for your ZINSER hot air welding device.

Welding and cutting, everywhere

ZINSER's mobile range for metal cutting and welding: tube cutters, portable cutting machines, tools and accessories for welding and flame cutting.


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