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More than just machines

ZINSER offers more than just standard flame cutting machines.

ZINSER bevel cutting

The technologically leading ZINSER plasma bevel head allows plasma bevel cuts of contours, too. It is fully programmable thus enabling the cutting of parts with bevels as well as vertical cutting edges.

ZINSER Switch Bevel

A ZINSER innovation: plasma and oxy-fuel bevel cutting on a single unit.

The bevel unit of the future from the Zinser company offers the possibility of having two technologies on one unit, angles of up to 60 degrees are possible with our oxy-fuel bevel unit.

ZINSER plasma bevel head
Cutting technologies: CNC drill unit

ZINSER CNC drilling unit

Increase the efficiency of your production processes by combining different production steps on one machine. The ZINSER CNC drilling unit with automatic tool changer allows highly precise drilling operations with different diameters on your flame cutting machine.

ZINSER GmbH is known worldwide as a leading specialist for plasma cutting machine.
We offer plasma cutting technology from the two leading manufacturers Hypertherm and Kjellberg.

As OEM partner ZINSER can offer you the complete solution from one source.

Hypertherm plasma source XPR 300
Imperfect flame cuts: cutting technologies

Imperfect flame cuts

We have developed an overview of the most common flame cut imperfections. You can find here the description of the faults and their possible causes.

ZINSER performance tables

Our performance tables give you an overview of the optimal cutting parameters for different materials, gases and nozzles.