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Cutting tables

Systematic air extraction

Cutting tables with systematic air purification

Ideal dust flow. The high cutting pressures during plasma and oxy-fuel cutting often cause dust, sparks and fumes to swirled up and rise again. The resulting contamination causes high maintenance costs and leads to a faster wear and tear.
Furthermore, especially the emissions from plasma cutting are very harmful to health. Therefore a conventional dust extraction from the bottom or from the side would not be sufficient.

The ZINSER cutting tables provide the perfect solution for this problem. The high cutting pressures form a type of cyclone within the cutting table, causing coarse particles and sparks to settle at the bottom of the dust boxes while the finer particles rise to the top of the table where they are captured by the integrated surface dust extraction and guided to the connected filter unit.

ZINSER Schneidtische

Systematic air extraction

The ZINSER cutting tables offer an ideal dust extraction, highest safety and a big cleaning comfort. The innovative construction enables a constant and efficient surface extraction.
Due to the design of the tables the risk of sparks reaching the filter is reduced. Due to the modular design nearly all sizes of tables can be realized.

Cutting tables: your personal offer

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Cutting tables - modular design

The modular design

By using standardized modules, every desired cutting table size can be provided.

Cutting tables - material support

Material support

By using inclined, thin flat steel bars the cut quality on the underside of the
material is enhanced. The bars can be exchanged easily and therefore facilitate the cleaning of the table.

Cutting tables - surface extraction

Surface extraction

Due to the unique design of the cutting table, the fumes and gases are evenly extracted from the surface of the table. Therefore efficient and safe extraction is provided without sparks reaching the filter unit.

Cutting tables - reliable


All parts and components meet ZINSER‘s high quality standards. A reliable function of the table even in case of permanent use is therefore guaranteed.

Closed system

The ZINSER cutting tables have a closed bottom plate. Thus no external air can intrude the system and interfere with the ideal air flow.


The ZINSER cutting tables are extremely well-built. Steel plates up to a thickness of 200 mm are no problem for the table. (Surface load up to 1600 kg/m2). Stronger tables upon request.

Cutting tables - dust and slag boxes

The dust and slag boxes

Due to the large dust and slag boxes of the cutting tables, the maintenance / cleaning intervals are less frequent.

Cutting tables - cleaning


Eyelets on all components of the cutting table and the design of the slag boxes enable a very easy emptying and cleaning.

Cutting tables - Sectional extraction

Sectional extraction

The individual modules of the system are divided into sections. Due to the sections a local extraction of the fumes and gases can be achieved and at the same time the needed extraction power is reduced to lower the costs.


The sectionalized extraction is controlled contact-free, electronically via the ZINSER-CNC-controller.

ZINSER environmental technology

Cutting tables, dust extraction, filtration units from your cutting expert.

ZINSER Umwelttechnik: Schneidtische, Absaugung und Filteranlagen

Brochure ZINSER environmental technology

ZINTRAC oscillating conveyor table

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