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Laser cutting

Laser technology

Laser cutting is the method of choice for very thin materials, where especially high cut quality and/or small holes and contours compared to the material thickness are more important than low cutting cost.

Metal cutting technologies: laser cutting

What is laser?

A laser ray is focus through a hole in the fuse onto the to-be-cut material and heats up the latter up to its melting temperature. Similar to plasma cutting, a gas jet subsequently blows the melted material out of the kerf. Depending on the temperature up to which the to-be-cut material is being heated, 3 types of laser cutting can be distinguished:

Sublimation cutting:

Here, the laser ray directly heats up the material to its vaporization temperature (sublimation). A nitrogen gas jet then pushes out the vaporized material out of the kerf. Typically used for cutting wood, plastic and thin metal.

Flame cutting:

Similar to oxy-fuel cutting, the material is heated to its ignition temperature by the laser ray, and subsequently burns inside an oxygen jet, which at the same time blows the residuals out of the kerf. Typically used for cutting unalloyed steel (mild steel).

Melting cutting:

Similar to plasma cutting, the material is melted directly by the laser ray, and subsequently blown out of the kerf by a nitrogen gas jet. Typically used for cutting high-alloyed steel (CrNi).

Cutting with fiber laser

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CNC systems for laser cutting

ZINSER 1825 laser cutting machine

Machine control

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ZINSER 4125 CNC cutting machine

Premium cutting machines

The machines of the ZINSER premium series are known worldwide for their excellent cutting quality.

Whenever an extraordinary machine reliability is required, like in the steel industry, customers have relied on ZINSER machines for decades.

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ZINSER 1825 laser cutting machine

ZINSER 1825-S Fiber Laser cutting system

The ZINSER 1825-S Fiber Laser is a high-quality guiding machine for laser and plasma cutting and for combined cutting tasks. The portal machine unites the required speed and precision for laser and plasma cutting with the robustness and longevity of an industrial machine.

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