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Plasma cutting machines

Plasma cutting with ZINSER machines

Our plasma cutting machines are recognized worldwide for their “Made in Germany” quality. A family business, ZINSER combines tradition and innovation to respond individually to the needs of its customers. Over time, our brand has built a solid reputation based on our expertise, and today we are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of plasma cutting machines.

Plasma, for cutting metal, is a technology particularly suitable for:

  • Cutting steel
  • Cutting aluminum
  • For sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 160 mm (generally 3 to 45 mm for steel or up to 80 mm for stainless steel).


In short, plasma cutting technology uses a plasma jet to melt the metallic material. The plasma arc results from a jet of high-energy gas electrically charged by a plasma energy source. You can learn more about this cutting process by visiting our dedicated plasma technology page.

Range of CNC plasma cutting machines

ZINSER systems for plasma cutting are divided into 3 ranges:

  • Compact machines: combined plasma and flame cutting systems covering a wide range of cutting tasks
  • Economical machines: extremely robust design for low weight, without compromising on cut quality
  • Premium machines: used wherever maximum reliability is required.


Each plasma machine can be finely adapted to your specific needs: number of torches, combination with other cutting technologies (flame cutting, laser), plasma beveling unit, CNC drilling unit, extension for tube cutting, marking, etc. possibilities are numerous! We put all our expertise at your service by supporting you from the design to the implementation of your plasma cutting machine.

For a personalized study of your needs and a presentation of ZINSER solutions, contact us. We will first send you our plasma machine questionnaire. It will allow us to identify your expectations and thus be able to make you a personalized offer.