Options and accessories


For the ideal adaptation of the ZINSER flame cutting machine to the range of your cutting tasks a huge variety
of accessories is available.

  • Pneumatic scribe unit
  • Punch marking
  • Plasma marking
  • Water spray device
  • Safety devices like release cord and light barrier
  • Pipe supporting systems for pipe cutting machines
  • ….

ZAC 5010 torch height control

The height control ZAC 5010 has been designed for very fast data transfer between plasma system and torch height adjustment. It ensures the exact positioning of the plasma torch during piercing and cutting.

Components of ZAC 5010 system:

  • CNC control module
  • Interface module (CNC/plasma system)
  • Torch height control (assembly) AC-Servo
  • Connecting cable
  • First height adjustment (assembly)
  • 3-D collision protection


Extract from feature list:

  • Response to deviations less than 1 Volt of the arc voltage
  • Max. positioning speed 15.000 mm/min
  • Initial height adjustment with ohmic resistance measurement
  • Additional initial height adjustment with tactile sensor
  • High repeatability
  • Switch off height control when bypassing edges and kerfs
  • Distance values can be entered in mm or Volt
  • Z-axis motor with high torque allows a load of 30 kg
  • Z-axis hub: 350 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: 0,025 mm
  • Contactless inductive upper and lower limit switch
  • Highest reproducibility by means of micro process control and monitoring
  • Automatic data transfer from CNC 5010 data base
  • All necessary cutting parameters are included in the data base
  • CNC control simplifies, without any significent intervention, the configuration of all cutting parameters

Rotative bevel aggregate


Manual rotative 3-torch-bevel aggregate oxy-fuel

The manual rotative 3-torch-bevel aggregate allows V-, X-, Y-cuts and K-bevels at straights.

  • Rotation: 90° rotatable
  • Angle: 20-45° manual
  • Capacitive heigth control
  • Bevel and vertical cutting thickness up to 60/100 mm

Automatic rotative 3-torch-bevel aggregate oxy-fuel

The automatic rotative 3-torch-bevel aggregate allows exact V-, X-, Y-and K-bevels cuts.

  • Rotation: endless
  • Angle: 20-45° manual
  • Capacitive heigth control
  • Bevel and vertical cutting thickness up to 60/100 mm

Proportional valves for central and continuous adjustable control of all gas pressures during flame cutting

The flame cutting process consists of three operating cycles:

  • preheating respectively fast preheating
  • piercing
  • cutting

For all of those cycles, oxygen and cutting gas with different pressures are required. With the proportional valves, the pressure for each individual cycle can be perfectly adjusted.

During the piercing process, the pressure of the cutting oxygen must increase continuously. With an additional potentiometer for the >cutting oxygen ramp<, the increase of pressure can be perfectly adjusted to the requirements to be cut. Furthermore, the lifetime of nozzles increases considerably.


  • central arrangement of the operating- and control device
  • perfect adaption of gas pressures to the material requirements
  • correction of gas pressure possible at any time
  • contiuous, linear increase of cutting oxygen during piercing process
  • increased lifetime of nozzles
  • improved cutting quality

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