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Being a fully customer-oriented company, ZINSER is continuously making an effort to provide the best possible customer service, even under conditions as adverse as the current ones. As physical presence and flexibility in many areas currently are limited, ZINSER has worked out possibilities to provide virtual insights into our latest technologies to our current and prospective customers alike.
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Construction of a new building for Universal Aciers

UNIVERSAL ACIERS chooses ZINSER as a partner for the further development of their business

Universal Eisen & Stahl, a member of Salzgitter Group, employs almost 300 people in Europe and is a leading distributor of carbon steel plates. Its French subsidiary Universal Aciers is located in the Lyon region and markets almost 20,000 tons of metallurgical products every year.

Online Demonstration CNC cutting machine


The ability to adapt ourselves is one of our strengths! Even though travelling is difficult these days, we still find solutions. This morning, we held an online demonstration with all the bells and whistles for a customer in Southern France: Software, CNC, tube and plate cutting.

ZINSER cutting machine for Assmann special vehicles

ASSMANN special purpose vehicles

The company Assmann GmbH recently purchased a ZINSER 4125 cutting system with plasma power source XPR300, oxyfuel torch, CNC drilling unit with automatic tool changer and oscillating conveyor table.

Willig Schneidmaschine ZINSER

Willig & ZINSER

At the specialist for aluminium tankers Willig now the second production facility is also equipped exclusively with ZINSER. The first tank bottoms and plates have already been machined with highest precision. Very happy customer and service technician! 💪🏻🤩

Pipe cutting on a ZINSER 1305

Precise, versatile, easy to operate – pipe cutting on a ZINSER 1305 with HiFocus plasma torch from Kjellberg.