Pipe cutting on a ZINSER 4126


Pipe cutting on a ZINSER 4126

You don’t want to invest in two different machines for the plate and pipe cutting? And you want to be able to switch from plate to pipe cutting easily and without big effort? Then the ZINSER 4126 is the right cutting solution for you!

With its cantilever on the machine portal in combination with a rotation drive for pipe cutting, the 4126 allows plate as well as pipe cutting on one machine.

✅ flexible switching from plate to pipe cutting

✅ first-class cutting quality

✅ no additional machine investment necessary

💡 In this video, our customer Hilgefort demonstrates the cutting of 5 mm plasma slots into a pipe with a diameter of 323 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm on their ZINSER 4126 with plasma power source XPR300 from Hypertherm.

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