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TRUE BEVEL Technology

Hypertherm‘s True Bevel™ technology was launched in 2012 with the HPRXD® family of products. It is now also offered on Hypertherm’s XPR™ systems.

Factory-tested and easily implemented, True Bevel™ takes the guess work out of the plasma bevel cutting process. With True Bevel™, setups for new jobs are quick and results are accurate.

The True Bevel™ technology works with the ZINSER bevel head and covers V, A, Top-Y, X and K style cuts for mild steel:

Hypertherm True Bevel - Bevel cutting


The True Bevel™ technology with ZINSER‘s plasma bevel unit is the best solution.

ZINSER Plasmafasenaggregat

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Cutting examples

Without True Bevel™
Bevel cutting: cutting examples without Hypertherm True Bevel

These three parts were job setup iterations during field testing using the existing method that took more than 1 hour to complete. At least one further iteration would
be required to obtain an acceptable part.

With True Bevel™
Bevel cutting: cutting examples with Hypertherm True Bevel

This single part was achieved on the first try using True BevelTM and is an acceptable part ready to start production.


True Bevel XPR brochure
True Bevel Technology for XPR

Plasma cutting with ZINSER and Hypertherm

Plasma cutting is used mainly for cutting high-alloyed steel and aluminum, as well as for thin plates of low-alloyed steel (mild steel).

The company ZINSER is renowned around the world for its high quality and customized products “made in Germany”. ZINSER combines tradition with innovation and realises the needs of its customers. Our reputation as a world wide known company is based on our expertise in the field of plasma cutting systems.

Hypertherm’s mission is to provide customers with the world’s leading industrial cutting solutions. You’ll find Hypertherm wherever there’s serious cutting to be done.

With 50 years of experience and close to 500 global patents, Hypertherm dedicates a lot of resources to industrial cutting research, development and testing.


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