50 Belgian Students at ZINSER

On November 8th, ZINSER welcomed 50 students from Belgium’s Odisee University College at ZINSER’s production site in Albershausen. At first, ZINSER gave the students a detailed theoretical introduction to the different technologies of plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting. Afterwards, during the practical part of their visit, the students could obtain a hands-on experience about the different production steps of the machine building at ZINSER. Furthermore, live presentations of laser cutting, plasma marking and plasma bevel cutting as well as drilling on the new ZINSER 4225 provided various possibilities to see the different cutting processes at work and ask questions or engage in further technical discussions.

Falk Richter, head of production at ZINSER, who had guided one of two groups through the practical part, summarized after the event: “I am very positively surprised. I’ve rarely seen a group of students which asked so many interesting and substantiated questions – during the theoretical as well as the practical part.” This event was a big success for ZINSER. The company will continue to be open for these kinds of events and is looking forward to supporting schools and universities with the education of their students also in the future.

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