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ZINSER oscillating conveyor table ZINtrac

ZINSER oscillating conveyor table ZINtrac

Intelligent transportation solution in combination with a highly effective exhaustion system for higher productivity and automation

The long-lasting ZINtrac removes the slag and scrap formed during the cutting process from the cutting table and transfers them into the provided collection containers. The scrap and small parts from the cutting process fall onto the vibration chutes at the bottom and are carried out of the table through permanent vibrations. The small parts are almost free of slag because they continuously move in the direction of conveyance. Production downtime needed for the time-consuming emptying of the slag container becomes redundant.

Latest news

Schwarzmüller counts on ZINSER

In 1871, even before ZINSER was founded in 1898, Josef Schwarzmüller opened his blacksmith’s shop in Passau (Germany). Still owned by the founding family today,

Cutting lifted to a new level

The Liebherr group has invested in two new ZINSER 4025s for their production site in Biberach, enabling processing of plates up to 300 mm thickness.

ZINSER machine for HYDRO Systems

HYDRO Systems KG

We are proud to see another happy ZINSER and Hypertherm customer! Hydro Systems ZINSER cutting machine with Hypertherm XPR300 plasma source – bevel cutting –